Sundream Motion Pictures Limited was established on 23rd March 2005. Under the entrepreneurial operational management style, its mission is to produce and distribute films of outstanding quality, nurture both on-stage and behind-the-scene talents, search for the best films and promote them around the world.

The company has produced and distributed many highly acclaimed films over the years, and invested in a number of good movies in its early years. They include its very first title “49 Days”, which had won the Grand Prix Awards at the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (Japan), “A Battle of Wits”, an epic war story co-produced by China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, sweeping the box office in China and Hong Kong, and became one of the best performed titles in the year, as well as “Eye in the Sky” which was proudly presented at various film festivals overseas. The director of the film, Yau Nai Hoi, was awarded the Best New Director at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards. Apart from investing in large-scale production, Sundream is also actively involved in projects of different genre such as “Nothing is Impossible”, a story with the local mora (finger-guessing game) culture as the main theme, Johnnie To’s heart-warming “Linger” and “The Equation of Love and Death” which made its entry into the Mainland China market, just to name a few.

In recent years, Sundream focuses on developing its distribution network, striving for international high-quality production including many popular commercial films e.g. “Piranha 3D”, “Nine”. “Scream 4”, “The Next Three Days”, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and “The Raid Redemption”. Many exceptional masterpieces like “King’s Speech”, “A Single Man”, “My Week With Marilyn” and “The Reader” were added to its library. Not to mention “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, “I Am Love” and “Guilty of Romance”, they are globally applauded and highly-reviewed works of high festival standard. These films are the milestone pieces that open up the Hong Kong audience’s mindset and perception of film and television, and Sundream is very proud to be part of this evolution. In 2011, Sundream co-produced “Love In Space” and once again, it shows its continued support and passion for new innovative work in the industry. 

Sundream has developed steadily in a few years and gained recognition from the professionals and audiences in the industry. With its prudent process in script selection and foreign film acquisition, and the aim to nurture for the next generation, Sundream has successfully positioned itself as one of the top enterprises in the Asian film industry.  



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